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What do MOST men do for their lady on a special date?
Flowers. Chocolate. Teddy bear. Dinner. A nice card. An expensive gift (If she’s really lucky).

But the problem is… It’s exactly what she thinks you’re going to do.

And she thinks this because it’s what every guy does.

This isn’t to say that those things aren’t nice - they are!

But she’s not exactly calling her friends and bragging about it, or talking about it for years to come!

In 5 years’ time, she’s not going to be thinking, talking, and DREAMING about that nice thing you bought for her! 

No, it’ll be surpassed by the next thing you bought her, covered in a layer of dust next to all the other ‘stuff’. 

Predictability is boring. And boredom is an intimacy killer.

But what if you could CHANGE EVERYTHING, and give her a gift that blows her mind, fills the room with passion, puts a smile on her face from ear to ear, and has her bragging about you to her friends (who secretly now find you crazy attractive)?

Step Up Your Bedroom Game

If you have ever had a girl come home with you, but struggled with the transition from living room to bedroom... then this is the secret move you have been waiting for.

"This is an extremely powerful tool for single men who want to stand out from all the other men, and put the power of seduction in his own hands."


The Lap-Dance Masterclass For Everyday Men

Learn the moves from an industry-leading male stripper, who has performed for thousands of screaming women across the globe, in an easy to follow format that even the most un-confident of men can learn and become a beast in the bedroom.

Not only has Tommy performed this exact dance for hundreds (if not thousands) of women… he has taught hundreds of men just like you.
learn how to strip for your woman
There is a reason why 99% of women go crazy over Channing Tatum in the movie ‘Magic Mike’.

And no, it’s not just the abs (lots of guys have abs)... It’s the way he MOVES.

The way he moves his body in a masculine, entertaining, and sensual way gets just about every woman ‘hot under the collar’. And while your woman is with you and only you… there is a part of her that wishes you would demonstrate your passion and get her hot and bothered.
Do you want to spend another date doing the same thing every other guy does (date/dinner/movies/gift/yawn)… or do you want to do something so outrageously passion-inducing and mind-blowing that it makes you the star of her world, completely irreplaceable, and the one she is proud to call her own?

About Your Instructor

Tommy has been featured in network television & performed for thousands of women all over the globe. 
Tommy Harvey is an industry leading male stripper - who has performed in over 15 different countries and worked with international shows 'Adonis Cabaret', 'Hunkmania' & 'Aussie Heat'. He currently owns a male stripper agency & is the founder of  'Adonis Dance Academy' (formally: Male Stripper Academy).
Learn how to lap dance from the best in the business.

'Tommy' has been dancing for thousands of women all over the world.

His job has required him to learn the art of seductive dancing and the male striptease dance style.

This is not your typical dance class...

Most dance classes are somewhat feminine, flamboyant, and uninspiring for the majority of men. 

This class cuts to the chase and shows you how to pull off some mind-blowingly masculine and sexy moves that have an immediate effect on women.

Here's What's Included With Your Student Access:

Pre-made Lapdance Templates ✔

We supply easy to follow demo templates for a seductive lap dance that will be sure to impress your partner.  Follow our demo videos as we teach you every single move and trick - all you need to do is copy!

Email Support & Community ✔

Personally reach out to your instructor Tommy with any questions via email anytime & even submit your own personal practice videos for customised feedback! 

50+ Detailed Video Tutorials ✔

We didn't hold back when it came to delivering you high quality, detailed instructional videos. With step-by-step tutorials designed to teach you how to give an amazing lapdance. 

Full Access & Personalised Assessment ✔

Submit video footage to us and we will personally evaluate and assist you with your progress, and give you tailored unique feedback to help YOU improve. 

50 Detailed Video Tutorials

  • Module 1: The Art Of Lapdancing
  • ​Lesson 1 - Technique
  • ​Lesson 2 - Lapdance Moves and Tricks
  • Module 2: Body Movement
  •  Lesson 1 - Hip and Chest Grinding
  • ​Lesson 2 - Hip and Chest Pop's
  • ​Lesson 3 - Body Height Variation's
  • ​Lesson 4 - Taking Your Time
  • ​Lesson 5 - The Art of a Sexy Walk
  • Module 3: Male Stripper Dance Moves
  •  Lesson 1 - Taking Clothes Off
  • ​Lesson 2 - Crowd Pleaser Moves
  • ​Lesson 3 - Floor Work
  • ​Lesson 4 - Dance Move 'cowboy hip thrust'
  • ​Lesson 5 - Dance Move 'c-walk move'
  • ​Lesson 6 - Dance Move 'jump kick'
  • ​Lesson 7 - Dance Move 'side grab'
  • ​Lesson 8 - Dance Move 'side step'
  • ​Lesson 9 - Dance Move 'triangle glide'
  • ​Lesson 10 - Dance Move 'double leg body roll'
  • ​Lesson 11 - Dance Move 'Alpha Roll'
  • ​Lesson 12 - Dance Move 'Arm Slide'
  • ​Lesson 13 - Dance Move 'Crotch Grab'
  • ​Lesson 14 - Dance Move 'Kick Slide'
  • ​Lesson 15 - Dance Move 'Shaky Leg'
  • ​Lesson 16 - Dance Move 'Walking Body Roll'
  • ​Lesson 17 - Dance Move 'Cowboy Drop'
  • ​Lesson 18 - Dance Move 'Knee Twist'
  • ​Episode 01
  • ​Episode 02
  • ​Episode 03
  • ​Episode 04
  • ​Episode 05
  • ​Episode 06
  • ​Episode 07
  • ​Episode 08
  • Module 4: Dance Move Combination Ideas
  • Simple Dance Combo #1
  • ​Simple Dance Combo #2
  • ​Stage Performing Dance Combo #1
  • ​Stage Performing Dance Combo #2
  • ​'Magic Mike' Style Dance Combo #1
  • '​Magic Mike' Style Dance Combo #2
  •  *BONUS CONTENT* Module 4.5: Advanced Male Stripper Dance Moves
  •  Lesson 1 - Dolphin Dive Variations
  • ​Lesson 2 - Floor Transitions
  • ​Lesson 3 - Body isolations
  • ​Lesson 4 - Body Grooves
  • ​Lesson 5 - Textures
  • Special Module: Striptease Routine Choreography
  • Lesson 1 - "ride good" routine choreography
  • ​Lesson 2 - "nights like these" routine choreography
  • ​Lesson 3 - "pony" striptease routine choreography
  • Module 5: Preparing Your Striptease
  •  Lesson 1 - What You Will Need
  • ​Lesson 2 - Planning The Night
  • ​Lesson 3 - How To Introduce The Idea
  • Module 6: Music
  •  Lesson 1 - Picking Your Song/s
  • ​Lesson 2 - Edit Your Music
  • Module 7: Structuring Your Striptease
  •  Lesson 1 - Anchor Points
  • ​Lesson 2 - Connecting The Dot's
  • Module 8: Performing Your Striptease
  •  Lesson 1 - The Intro/start
  • ​Lesson 2 - The Tease
  • ​Lesson 3 - The Lapdance
  • ​Lesson 4 - *BONUS LESSON* How To Lapdance On The Bed
  • ​Lesson 5 - The Transition
  •  Module 9: Your Costume
  •  Lesson 1 - Picking Your Theme & Setting It Up
  • Module 10: Demo Striptease Routines
  • Lesson 1: Demo Routine - 'Kinky' (suit n tie). 
  • ​Lesson 2: Demo Routine - The Policeman (roleplay)
Screenshot of the lap dance masterclass video - "Lap dancing positions on the bed"
Screenshot of the lapdance masterclass video  - "Demonstration routine"

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be in fit or in shape?

This is a common question, but NO you do not. Have you ever seen the funny/cool guy who is out of shape… but just OWNS it? Everyone loves that guy because that guy is real. He dances around and just doesn’t give AF.
All you have to be is YOU - because that’s who your woman fell in love with.
Leave the abs for the professional strippers, the dudes with perfect genetics, the fake dudes on Instagram, and the guys who are okay with starving themselves for an extended period of time. This class is for the everyday man - the guy who is who he is and isn’t ashamed of it.

What if I am not confident?

Well of course you aren’t confident with this stuff! You weren’t confident at walking until you were competent at it. It was the same as driving a car. Or doing your job. Or anything in life. Confidence in doing something comes after we are competent at it. This course will make you so dang good and performing a lap dance that blows your woman’s mind that the confidence will come as a side effect.

But what if I am not a good dancer!?

Even better! Not being a good dancer is actually a big strength, not a weakness. This class teaches you everything you need, and your girl already knows you can’t dance. This means when you learn how to do this (even if it is done poorly) she will be blown away even further.

What happens when I sign up?

You will be given immediate access to the lessons, and you can start in the next few minutes, in the comfort, safety, and privacy of your own home.

The 'Special Date' isn't for some time - should I buy now or wait?

You can wait, however you will have to pay the full price of $199. This is a special offer we are running, and I am closing it down soon. Buying it now will allow you to lock it in at a huge saving, but it will also give you more time to practice and get super confident with it. The more time you spend doing this the more fun you will have and the happier your girl will be.

So what will it be? An anniversary that is impossible to forget… or an anniversary that is hard to remember?

Predictability, lack of passion, and boredom in a relationship is a relationship killer. 
Don’t be ‘that guy’.