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Ladies, feel free to dress sexy for your partner on the night! Dressing sexy is highly encouraged!

Workshop Details:





Water bottle, appropriate dance clothing and shoes + some spare clothing to perform in (so you look good in your video!) & knee pads* (if you have them)
LADIES: Heels is optional but not required. Wearing sexy clothing is encouraged but not required - wear something that makes you feel sexy (doesn't necessarily have to be lingerie, emphasis on "feel' because that's more important) 
*we provide knee pads to use for the class if you don't own them.

The Lap Dance Workshop LIVE!

Bring your partner and both learn the art of the lap dance in a sensual, sexy and raunchy 2.5 hour workshop, with professional male & female instructors to teach striptease choreography, for you and your partner to perform on each other!
1st hour.
Men will learn the masculine lap dance choreography from a seasoned professional male stripper 'Tommy', as he teaches you 'Magic Mike' dance moves and lap dance tricks to perform on your partner.
2nd hour.
Women will learn the feminine lap dance choreography from professional dancer and twerking instructor 'Bec'. The feminine routine will include 'sexy heels' style dancing with elements of twerking to spice things up!
Last 30mins.
In this last half hour we will all perform our choreography for our partner.
A professional videographer will be present to capture this special moment and a professionally edited video will be provided FREE as part of the package!

A couples dance class with a difference...

Join us in an experience that will ignite your sexual chemistry like wild fire and awaken your wild side!

Dive deep into your animalistic instincts and embrace your inner desires in a safe and accepting environment.

Learn how to look & feel sexually confident - understand how to express your sexual energy in a choreographed lap dance routine.

Discover the secrets of lap dancing in a ground breaking couples dance class concept never been seen before in the mainstream media!

Be a part of a NEW ERA of dance & expression - A couples event that is both fun, challenging and beneficial for everyone involved!


Male, female, Gay, Straight, Etc... Anyone is welcome!

We teach 2 sets of choreography in the lap dance workshop, 1 is masculine and the 2nd is feminine so long as each of you is happy to learn 1 of the above then come along!

We pride ourselves of creating an awesome vibe!
An area where everyone feels comfortable to let their guard down, and just be themselves!
For us - It's all about having FUN!

Here's a preview of the latest lap dance workshop from instructor 'Tommy'

(most men are worried they will learn feminine dance moves.. this is not the case!)

Here's a preview of our instructor 'Bec' performing her feminine choreography from our latest workshop

Expect your lap dance routine to be a combination of "sexy heels" dancing mixed with twerking (as below)

Meet Your Instructors:


Bec has been dancing since she was 5 years old.
She has completed her qualification in dance studies and is now teaching dance classes weekly on the Gold Coast, Australia.
She is known internationally for her innovative 'hip hop' style twerk choreography and her creation of new twerk moves which have been adopted by choreographers around the world!
Her speciality is twerking however she is trained in most other dance styles, including jazz, ballet, hip hop, contemporary and tap! 
She also works as a freelance choreographer and works privately with content creators and female strip clubs to create unique sexy dance routines and video content.
So she's no stranger to lap dancing and knows how to dance with sexual feminine energy!


Tommy has been working as an international male striptease performer for over 10 years! Now retired from the male striptease industry, he is a professional dancer and founder of 'Adonis Dance Academy' - a dance school for men teaching the 'Adonis Method' which is a masculine dance style.
He has worked all over the world, from the UK to the US, to Asia and all over Australia, for some of the best male revue shows in the world. 
He brings a wealth of experience from dancing for thousands of women, on stages in fabulous Las Vegas, to the glamorous Pink Flamingo Spiegelclub in Gold Coast. 
Tommy understands the male striptease dance style in & out and has been innovating new lap dance moves and styles of performing for male striptease artist's all over the world. 

Are You Sick And Tired Of Being Boring & Predictable? 

Now is the time to put yourself out there.

Try something new & exciting!

Learn a new skill and be a part of a NEW ERA of couples dance classes!

Remember the moment for the rest of your life with a professional video you can show off to your friends!

It's time to TURN UP THE HEAT on your next date night!

Stop being BORING... and start being Spontaneous! 
Let's LIVE!